Seit mehr als 10 Jahren sind wir der bevorzugte Sprachtrainings-Partner für folgende Unternehmen:

Darüber hinaus haben wir zahlreiche branchen- und unternehmensspezifische Sprachtrainings entwickelt z.B. für

Unsere Teilnehmer über uns

"I really enjoyed the classes and the trainer was very helpful. The best trainer I ever had."
(DJ Cont, telecommunication, Zurich)

"I was extremely pleased with Marcos approach and the way he leads class. I am very happy with the progress I have made and feel significant improvement in all aspects of my German. Great job Marco! "
(Lubo, IT specialist, Zurich)

"We had the pleasure of being introduced to the German language by Mrs. Johanna Wirth. Her approach to teaching the language was unique in the sense that she also introduced us to the Swiss culture. For a newcomer to Switzerland just starting to learn the language, this was invaluable. Mrs. Wirth is clearly a very experienced teacher; she is patient, methodical, knowledgeable and energetic. lt is indicative that though we were having a very stressful and overwhelmingly busy period at work, we found our lessons to be enjoyable and truly effective. She managed to make the generally difficult task of learning a new language a learning adventure, at the end of which I found myself having mastered much more than I would have imagined possible."
(Alexander Sarris, Mitarbeiter Telekommunikationsunternehmen)

"Johanna is a passionate and generous teacher. After a few weeks of her teaching, I am finding myself able to carry out some basic grammatical analysis (I have an itch for that!) and (finally) brave enough to engage in simple conversations with locals. Flexible and responsive to our curiosity and interests, she often adapted the lessons agenda to meet our wishes while keeping an eye on course scope and targets. Furthermore, her captivating initiatives and inputs made the course an unexpected and extremely useful source of information about the new country I recently moved to. I am likely to apply for a follow-up course and hope I will be able to continue my journey with her. "
(Simona Bonardi, Mitarbeiterin Telekommunikationsunternehmen)

"What I liked most was: this course was very well structured and tailor-made for the turbo compressor business, the well illustrated and clear worksheets handed out for reference and homework and the great experience and competence of the trainer in answering individual questions straight away. In short, I enjoyed the course very much."
(H. Rusterholz, MAN Turbo AG Schweiz)

"Neben dem fachspezifischen Vokabular übten wir genau die Englischfähigkeiten, die wir am Arbeitsplatz am meisten brauchen, wie z.B. Aufbau eines Mails, eines Berichts, einer Präsentation oder Redewendungen für Telephongespräche. Auf jeden Fall schreibe ich meine Mails und Berichte leichter lesbar und ich habe mit den Kursunterlagen einige gute Übungsbeispiele zur Hand. "

(M. Bühler mech. eng. HTL, STV, MAN Turbo AG Schweiz)

"We really like the on-site English courses. The lessons are based on a book but tailored by the teacher to fit our group and our industry."

(B. Walder, Qiagen Instruments)

"If I had to name two things that contribute to effective learning they would be: (1) A good teacher, (2) customized content. ABL provided me with both and made me a significantly better English speaker and writer."
(Thomas Nussbaumer, Sales Training Manager, Trimble Navigation)